Hot tubs in Bukovel

Про Hot tubs in Bukovel

Hotel "Vedmezyi Dvir"

For a complete relaxation experience in the Carpathians, it is essential to fully immerse yourself in the authentic charm of this region. So, try the unique Hutsul SPA procedure – a deep immersion in hot tubs/jacuzzis with a blend of mountain herbs.

“Vedmezyi Dvir” Hotel offers cold plunge tubs/jacuzzis in Bukovel, each accommodating up to eight people.

A tub is a large water bath made of cast iron, with a fire underneath that gradually heats the water to 40-45 degrees Celsius. The uniqueness of this Carpathian spa retreat is its open-air location.

Submerging into this vast cast iron pool, you’ll indulge in absolute relaxation, feel an influx of energy, and completely unwind. Moreover, bathing in the tubs has a positive impact on health. Alternating between hot water and cold plunge contributes to calming the nervous system, normalizing metabolism, improving cardiovascular function, and strengthening the overall body.

If you wish to add diversity to your leisure, be sure to experience the tubs in Bukovel. Bright emotions and revitalization are guaranteed!


Services Price:

  • Tubs: 2000/hr for 2 people, the next hour -50%, each additional person +200 UAH.
  • Jacuzzis: 2500/hr for 2 people, the next hour -50%, each additional person +200 UAH.