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Conference hall in Bukovel

Про Conference hall in Bukovel

Hotel "Vedmezyi Dvir"

Renting a Conference Hall in Bukovel (Carpathians)

The daily hustle and bustle can quickly exhaust even the strongest personalities. Conflicts and misunderstandings at work can lead to nervous breakdowns and disruptions. Sometimes it’s hard to find the desire and energy to work, especially when an important meeting is ahead. However, there is a solution – the “Bear’s Den” hotel and restaurant complex in Bukovel (the Carpathians).

Advantages of renting a conference hall in Bukovel

One of the key elements of successful business negotiations and smooth teamwork is trust. This allows for profitable agreements and achieving goals. To build this trust and strengthen team spirit, it’s sometimes necessary to step outside the office environment and immerse oneself in the natural and peaceful surroundings of the Carpathians.

No matter when you decide to take a break from work, the main goal is to ensure a positive atmosphere and boost morale for you and your team. People who enjoy their work perform it efficiently and with pleasure, benefiting all parties involved.

At your service:

  • Rental of a well-equipped conference hall.
  • Technical event support.
  • Banquets.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Receptions.
  • Lunches.
  • Corporate events.

Details and booking: +38 (098) 456 77 11


  • HONEY Panoramic Restaurant with an Exclusive Menu;
  • SPA with Jacuzzi, Sauna, and Hot Tubs;
  • Accommodation Options in Hotel Rooms and Cottages;
  • Customized Approach to Every Event.

Technical Specifications:

  • Conference Hall: 105 m²
  • Seating Capacity: 100
  • Number of Tables: 6, with 6-8 seats per table
  • Projector: Acer X138WHP
  • Screen Size: 3 x 1.8 ft
  • Amplifier: ITC T-1 20 TV
  • Computer: HP 650 ProBook